Life Coaching Services

As a life coach, my goal is to help you navigate to your best self. This necessitates figuring out where you are, and where you want to reach. Every individual is unique, but depending on where you are in your journey, the following are some packages that may be helpful as we navigate your journey together.

  • Holistic Self Care

    This is about finding what makes sense for you. Is it better eating? Better stress management? Better life choices?

    If you are trying to make changes in your lifestyle and trying to figure out what works, this is for you. (Four sessions over two months)

  • Gender Identity Development – Navigating the Trans and Non-Binary Self

    You’re unique. But that doesn’t mean there’s no one else like you…

    There is a specific set of activities and processes that we go through, especially during the first 6 weeks. The remaining time is used for more in-depth work around mores specific questions you may have. (12 sessions over 4 months – typically 3 sessions per month) (Financing Available)

  • Email Gender Exploration Course

    Some people prefer a written form of exploration. This course is designed to get you moving along the exploration of your gender questions.

    There is no time limit to these course you may speed them up or slow them down based on your needs. (Three phases, payments are made by phase)

  • Intuitive Self Discovery – Navigating To Your Higher Self

    This is a highly customized package based on your spiritual needs. I have created this set of sessions to assist those of you who are awakening intuitively. If you wish to understand yourself as a whole and spiritual being this is for you.

    It’s also for those of you who are becoming more enlightened and have questions about the mind-body-spirit connections or for those who are opening up to their intuitive abilities. (Six sessions, typically spread over 3-4 months, renewal option) (Financing Available)

  • Customized Plans

    I have a wide range of skills, all you need to do is ask. Other Areas of Specialty include:

    • Self Esteem Concerns
    • Life Skills Development
    • Life Transitions
    • Relationship Issues
    • Small Start-Up Business Consulting

If you would like to find out if we are a good fit to work together or you just have questions, please contact me at