Group Training and Education

I frequently do speaking and training around many subjects connected to the LGBT+ community. If you are interested in this service please contact me at to arrange and work out details.

A few subjects I have explored with groups in the past:

Safe Space Training and Certification

This presentation is designed to train a staff or group on inclusive and appropriate ways to handle LGBT+ situations in the workplace or volunteer space you may be dealing with. This training can be adjusted to meet your company’s policies.

LGBT 101

The Basics regarding the LGBT+ community. It covers areas such as transgender pronoun use, LGBT terminology, and more. May be customized to fit your needs.

Gender (Non-Conforming and Non-Binary)

This presentation focuses on the special nature of those who do not fit into a female or male category.

Active Listening and Communication in the LGBT+ Community

This presentation places emphasis on understanding Transgender people. Communication skills are critical in Transgender care and respect. May be customized.

Diversity Training

Understanding how to be inclusive when facing an LGBT+ diverse environment. Presentation must be customized to your setting.

LGBT+ in Coaching and Counseling

This presentation is designed to help assist and train professionals in their related field of Life Coaching and/or Counseling. This presentation answers the question: “I have an Lgbt+ client, NOW WHAT?!” May be customized.

If you would like to find out if we are a good fit to work together or you just have questions, please contact me at