About Due North

About Due North

Due North, PLLC strives to offer a safe space that is supportive, compassionate and empowering when approaching the issues you face. Feeling supported as a whole and unique person is especially true for those confronted with the double stigma of mental health issues and marginalized status such as, gender, LGBT+ and other identity issues. Empowering people to seek and speak their truth, strengthen core values and connect to the inner-self brings all of us closer to balance and fulfilment in our life purpose.

We are all on a journey in life to realize our full potential and release the authentic person inside us all. You are closer than ever to accessing that hidden part of your identity. Please feel free to browse this website for information, packages and links that might help you along your path. Thank you for making the choice to explore the services offered as a part of your journey.


Behind the Name

Due North, PLLC represents the journey we take in life. To know where we are going we must have a destination in mind, that is “our” True North. It’s the place where the heart dreams of arriving.

On the way, we must traverse all kinds of terrain and climates. Often we lose the path and need a compass or guide to help us heal and begin heading due north again. We must constantly make adjustments in life to adapt to ever changing conditions. This is a metaphor for our lives.

What you think, you create.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you become.

If you would like to find out if we are a good fit to work together or you just have questions, please contact me at jean@duenorthco.com.